8 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

Front porch with pergola remodel

As the weather warms up it seems like our to-do lists just keep getting longer. Take a break from your spring cleaning and yard work and make a few simple updates for an inviting and comfortable outdoor space. Here are just a few ideas we put together to help get you started:

Amp up your entryway
To maximize your curb appeal, start with the front of your home. This is the first thing your guests and passersby will see and it’s always great to make a good first impression. Grab a quart of paint for a quick change of color to your front door or shutters or add some colorful flower pots to your front steps for a subtle change.

Swap out old lighting
Sometimes all it takes is a little updated lighting to make a huge impact in an outdoor space. The lantern look and string lights hung above a deck or patio are two very popular trends right now. Another fun way to add some drama is a simple rope light under the deck railing cap which will create downlighting and ambiance throughout the space.

Plant a garden
A little greenery can go a long way. It’s up to you whether you’d prefer a flower garden, fruit and vegetable garden, herb garden or a little bit of everything. Not only does a garden have environmental and health benefits, it can also breathe fresh life into your outdoor space.

Add comfortable seating
What’s an outdoor area without comfortable patio furniture and lounge chairs? With so many weather-resistant options out there today, it’s easy to pick a color and pattern to match the rest of your home.

Rearrange the furniture
If you already have patio furniture that you love, consider switching it around! By simply rearranging, you can revive your outdoor space with a fresh new look.

Find shade with a pergola
It’s hard to enjoy an outdoor space in the heat of the summer, which is why many people are opting for a pergola or awning. These provide much needed shade and style so you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.

Lay down an outdoor area rug
This is perhaps one of the easiest updates. Outdoor rugs can be found at an affordable price at many stores in the area including Meijer, Target, and Home Depot. They also come in many colors and patterns to match the exterior of your home and outdoor furniture.

Add pops of colors
Make your bland outdoor space stand out by adding pops of color that complement your home. This can easily be accomplished with flower pots, an umbrella or even throw pillows!

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